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A Perfect Toss - Every Time!

Baseball & Softball

Soft toss was never easier. Simply press the release lever with your bat. The ball will roll down and drop onto the adjustable rebounder, and bounce right into the hitting zone.

  • It helps you develop a nice rhythm during your swing. You get a full four to five seconds from the time you release the ball until it is in your hitting zone.
  • It is a completely non-electric unit, and does not require a partner for operation.
  • Made of durable 14-gauge steel, the Tru-Toss was designed to withstand the abuse institutional organizations can give a product, giving you years of worry-free use.
Can You Do Drills Other than Soft Toss?

Absolutely! What sets the Tru-Toss apart from other toss units, electric or non-electric, is the rebounder, an adjustable steel frame strung like a tennis racket. The rebounder can be easily adjusted to deflect the ball at most any angle. This allows you to pitch the ball ankle high or chest high and set up for back toss, side toss and front toss drills. Another advantage to this system is you can change the distance and the speed with which the ball travels simply by raising and lowering the release unit at the tripod.


Simple, Easy Design Allows for Maximum Versatility

The versatility of the Tru-Toss soft toss machine allows you to do a variety drills by yourself. Use it for side toss, back toss and to simulate pitches from front angles. By raising the top ball tray to a higher location, you create more ball speed.

Add a little vertical angle the rebounder and you can zip the ball to the plate. This allows you to pitch the ball from front angles, as shown with Houston Astros Lance Berkman working balls breaking across to the opposite side of the plate which simulates a left hand slider. (note:This type of drill is for players with good bat control.) If you have a problem with the front shoulder flying open, try some back toss drills to work on keeping the front shoulder in.

Versatile and Durable

Made of 14 guage steel, we've made it close to "kid proof". In our quest to make products high schools can get multiple years of use out of, the Tru-Toss soft toss machine is tough. If a part were to malfunction most everything can be replaced by simple parts from a hardware store. We give the complete unit a one year warranty and in the event the rebounder strings break, send it back and we will restring it free for life.


Strung like a tennis racket in a steel frame, the rebounder bounces the ball up into the hitting zone. You can change the angle with which the ball bounces into your soft toss hitting zone.

Use more horizontal angle to bounce the ball to specific pitch locations. Add more vertical angle to do quick hitter drills by shooting the ball to the hitter faster. Opposite tightening knobs make adjustments quick and easy without having to retighten each time.


A unique soft toss machine that throws soft toss from the ground up!
  • True soft toss as if done with a coach
  • Non-electric - no batteries, no cords, no headaches!
  • Variable soft toss angle and heigh
  • Increase visual concentration while tracking the ball
  • Promotes a nice rythmic swing