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Baserunning Tips & Drills

Baserunning "Getting 'em to run" - Chip Baker, Florida State University
Drills to help players improve their 'running game'

Agressive - Barry Traynor
Diving and sliding practice

Baserunning Baserunning Situations - Hank Gola
allows the coach to check running mechanics and proper turns in every baserunning situation

Baserunning Batting practice base running - Nick Dixon
One of my favorite ways to teach and develop great base runners is to incorporate base running into batting practice.

Baserunning Between Home and First - Bob Watson
drill for teaching correct baserunning and listening to the base coach

Baserunning BURMA's - Dan Pastor
Baserunning with strategy in mind

Baserunning Dirt Ball - Jerry Berkson
Teaches players how to read the trajectory of a pitched ball that will bounce in the dirt

Baserunning Home and First x2 - Douglas Murdoch
basic baserunning drill with several variations

Baserunning Lead-Off - Ken Gamble
gets the baserunner to come off of the base aggressively as soon as the pitch crosses the plate

Baserunning Leads and Breaks - Coach Colbert
helpful drill for divisions in which players lead off

Baserunning Relay Races - Jerry DeGuzman
A baserunning relay race that's fun for the players

Baserunning Wolverine - Mike De Vito
gives players a feel for their leads and the way different coaches coach bases

Baserunning Delayed Steal - Jerry Berkson
Tips on the delayed steal

Baserunning Stealing Home - Jerry Berkson
Stealing home plate

Baserunning Stealing Second - Jerry Berkson
Stealing second base

Baserunning Stealing Third - Jerry Berkson
Stealing third base

Baserunning First to Second - Tom Collins
Baserunning basics moving from first base to second base

Baserunning Home to First - Tom Collins
Basics out of the batter's box

Baserunning Second to Third - Tom Collins
Baserunning basics between second and third bases

Baserunning Third to Home - Tom Collins
Baserunning basics from third base to home plate

Baserunning Baseball Tip -

Safe Sliding Practice - Marc Mazzocco
tip for making sliding practice safer for the players

Baserunning Slow Down - Kevin Nickelson
Keeps younger players from slowing down before reaching first base


Pitching Tips & Drills
Balance Beam - Mark Lane
forces pitchers to keep their balance throughout their motion

Cloth Slap - Mike Cole
develops snap of wrist, delivery of ball out front of body and follow through

Pitching Control - Coach Don
develops a pitcher's awareness of the strike zone

Pitching Drill For LH Pickoff Move - CoachB
Enhances the ability for the pitcher to pick off runners at first base

Pitching Flat Ground Spot Work - Coach Adams
lock in proper release point after long toss

Pitching Foot Strike Drill - L.A. "Skip" Fast
teach your pitchers to land on the ball of the foot

Pitching Hand Off - David J Meacher
gives a picher better snap on the ball and reduces side-arming

Pitching Pitching Chair Drill (Var.) - CoachB
Makes sure that you stay loaded and use your backside.

Pitching Sit and Hit the Bullseye - Rob Barthle
requires pitchers to keep their elbow above the shoulder, and a good rotation of the shoulders

Pitching Stepping on the Line - Fred J Wright
keeps the pitcher's hips and shoulders from opening early

Pitching Tarp - Coach Don
develops a pitcher's ball control

Pitching The Balance - Ron Barthle
improves pitching control problems through good balance

Pitching The Goalpost - Rob Barthle
teaches pitching with the lower body, and keeping the elbows up

Pitching The Plate - Kent Hightower
gets the young pitcher to deliver more consistently controled pitches

Pitching The Wall - Coach B
makes sure that the pitcher isn't getting long in the back when pitching

Pitching Weight Back - Marshall Erickson
alleviates rushing the lower body and develops a good rhythm and pace

Pitching A Pitcher's Perspective: Tips to Keep Opposing Hitters Honest - Coach K
avoid having your pitches picked

Pitching Gary Adams' Tip of the Month December 2000 - UCLA Head Coach Gary Adams

Pitching Gary Adams' Tip of the Month March 2000 - UCLA Head Coach Gary Adams
Strengthen and preserve your arm

Pitching Over The Fence Pitching Philosophy - Coach B

Real Velocity - Provided by Karl Meinhardt

How to throw harder..and safer

Pitching Tempo - Dan Keller,
An aggressive and consistent tempo helps to maintain the focus of a pitcher

Pitching The “L” Theory - CoachB
Tip for hitting spots effectively

Pitching Gary Adams' Tip of the Month Sept 2000 - UCLA Head Coach Gary Adams
Pitcher's fundamentals checklist

Pitching Gary Adams Tip of the Month November 2000 - UCLA Head Coach Gary Adams

Pitching Gary Adams' Tip of the Month April 2000 - UCLA Head Coach Gary Adams
Arm Circles and Tubing Exercises to Strengthen and Preserve Your Arm

Pitching Gary Adams' Tip of the Month June 2000 - UCLA Head Coach Gary Adams
Surgical tubing exercises for throwing

Pitching Pitcher Preparation - Jeffery R Scott
4 day preparation program for starting pitchers

Pitching Pitching Position - Hank Gola
series of drills to isolate and improve different areas of a pitcher's position

Pitching Toronto Blue Jays - Brad Jacobs
5 day schedule for starting pitchers

Pitching The Hunter - Coach Steve Rossi - Monroeville Baseball
think like a hunter to keep eye on target

Pitching 2-Seam Fastball - CoachB
Grip and explanation of 2 seam fastball

Pitching 4-Seam Fastball - CoachB
4-seam fastball grip

Pitching 5 Step Pitching - Coach Ron
breaks down the pitch to 5 simple steps

Pitching A Left-Handed Balk Move - CoachB
A tip to help pickoff runners at first

Pitching ARM HEALTH - Dan Keller
Have a Plan

Pitching Arm Slot Angle - CoachB
Looking and adjusing for arm slot

Pitching Change-Up Variation #2 - CoachB
A different way of gripping the change-up

Pitching Change-Up Variation #3 - CoachB
A different way of gripping the change-up

Pitching Coaching the Beginning Pitcher - Dan Keller
Tips from

Pitching Eye Contact While Pitching - Mike Welborn
helps a young pitcher maintain better eye contact with his catcher

Pitching Gary Adams' Tip of the Month July 2000 - UCLA Head Coach Gary Adams
Covering first base

Pitching GRIPS - Dan Keller
How to properly grip the baseball

Pitching Hit the Box - Roger Wood
gives a visual strike zone to aim at and improves pitcher control

Pitching How to avoid shoulder injuries -
Avoiding injury in youth pitchers

Pitching Pitchers in the Pre-Season - Joey Hector
pre-season pitcher's work-out that may be the key to success for the upcoming season

Pitching Pivot Knee - James Laudate
promotes proper rotation of the shoulders when pitching

Pitching Preparing Pitchers - Coach B
prepare your pitchers for the game in the bullpen

Pitching Right-Handed Pickoff Moves - CoachB
3 RH pickoff moves explained

Pitching Six Components - Coach Don
develop overall pitching skills by breaking the pitch down into six component skills

Pitching The Curveball - CoachB
The grip and arm action for a curveball

Pitching The Cut Fastball - CoachB
The cut fastball grip

Pitching The Pitcher's Second Shift - Brian Priebe
article outlining the principles that guide a pitcher's fielding duties

Parents Tips & Drills

Playing Multiple Sports - Dan Keller

Burnout - Dan Keller

Tryout Tips & Drills

Quick - Allan Weaver
tryout with the goal of getting players home within an hour & a half

Two Drill - Stephen Rogers
a great deal about a players athleticism and fundamentals can be determined by just two drills

Tryout Player Workout - Mike Welborn
work out before your tryout time to combat nerves

Tryout Tryout Organization - Bob Saxman
make players in tryouts easier to identify by assigning them numbers

Workout Clinic  
The workout is a guide to preparing your players physically. Please use these examples as guidelines and modify or tailor them for your own players.

Preseason Workout
Here is the is done with a warm up and then done in three phases...first phase is 6 weeks...second is 4 weeks...third is 2 weeks...meant for preseason workout, but can certainly be modified for anything else.


ArmsPhase I
ArmsPhase II
ArmsPhase III

Weight Training
In talking about weight training, you have to be careful to add baseball to the discussion. It is my belief that if you train too hard, you can hamper your ability to play effectively.

The first thing to remember is that you need to lift for endurance and not for size or muscle mass. In essence then, you need to lift less weight with more reps compared to more weight with less reps. If you develop too much muscle mass, your body will have less functionality in agility and flexibility. You definitely do not want too much tension in your muscles.

We also need to discuss another situation, which comes into play at the high school level. You may have the problem of an insistent football coach wanting your kids to be lifting during the spring and summer...during your season. As discussed above, this could be detrimental to your pitching staff. You do not want to lift much during the season. Why? First of all when you tend to lift in the off season of another sport and/or during baseball with tough schedules, chances are you won't lift but a few times a week. Your muscles lose their tone after 72 hours of off time. So every time an athlete lifts during this time he has the tendency to get sore.

Here are some suggestions pitchers (as well as the rest of the team) can do during the season:

Have your players get two tennis ball cans and fill them to the rim with sand and proceed to tape them up completely. These can be used to lift.


Shop for your baseball coaching needs including baseball training aids, training videos, and other coaching supplies. Check out the Derek Jeter Hurricane Hitting machine by SKLZ at

See the “Original” Rotational Hitting Machine at Are you looking for the perfect trainer to teach proper timing and swing mechanics? You can stop looking and go to

Players develop incredible abt speed and confidence when they regularly use the Quick Swing Trainer. See it at See the world’s most advanced batting tee at

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Drills Tips & Drills

Drills 21 Outs Drill - CoachB
Playing the perfect game...21 outs in a row

Drills A Baseball Drill called Football - Coach Ken Brown
Defensive Drill/Game

Drills Infield Practice Drill - Coach Bob
"Ball Juggling" drill for baseball

Drills Outfield Communication - CoachB
Communicating in the outfield
Practice Focus Practice - CoachB
Developing focus within your practices for games


Coaching Tips & Drills

Coaching Early Bird Gets the Swings - Marty Schupak
Getting Kids to Practice on Time

14 Year Olds - Marshall Erickson
statistics for 14 year olds

Coaching 1996 USA Baseball Team Walk-on Procedure - Daryl E Mullins
minimal criteria for USA Baseball Team tryouts for 18 year olds

Coaching Energy - Dan Keller
One of the most important ingredients

Coaching Enjoy the game...and learn something -
Learn from the pros

Coaching Fall Baseball – A Great Time To Really Coach - Coach John Peter

Gary Adams' Tip of the Month August 2000 - UCLA Head Coach Gary Adams
The UCLA Blue Ball Award

Coaching Gary Adams' Tip of the Month May 2000 - UCLA Head Coach Gary Adams
The Bruin Way

Coaching Gary Adams' Tip of the Month Oct. 2000 - UCLA Head Coach Gary Adams
The Bruin Way Part II

Coaching Hit and Run - Jerry Berkson
Hit and Run philosophy

Coaching Motivation - Dan Keller

Rest - Dan Keller
What to do in the off-season

Coaching You're a Better Coach Than You Think! - Coach JP
Knowledge will empower you to make a difference

Coaching Practices Don't Have To Be Long To Be Good - Marty Schupak
techniques for running a more effective practice

Coaching Running an Aggressive Offense from the Coaching Box - Brian Priebe
article outlining effective ways to use signals

Coaching Three coaching hints - Coach Nick Dixon
Sometimes it's not what you tell your players, it's how you carry yourself as a coach. By showing your players that you are organized and well-mannered teaches them more than just how to play baseball

Coaching Winning With Class - Dan Keller (Lifeletics Sports Instruction /
Lifeletics Life Lesson written for discussions of sportsmanship with young athletes

Baseball Coaching Digest
Baseball Coaching Digest - Today's Post
Baseball Coaching Digest: Daily Post Archive
New Articles for Coaches
Baseball Coaching Articles by Coach Nick Dixon
New Baseball Blogs
Videos for Baseball Coaches

Conditioning Tips & Drills
Around-the-World - Coach Culp
conditioning drill that will allow your players todevelop physically

Dive Backs - Justin Copeland
run around bases, diving back at each bag

Conditioning The Glove - Coach B
players run back and forth setting balls down and picking them up from a glove

Conditioning Speed Quickness and Power - Karlos Patterson
voluntary program to improve a player's physical or talent area

Conditioning Dealing with Little League arm - Tracy Wheeler, Akron Beacon Journal
Little League arm injuries

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Throwing Tips & Drills

Throwing 5 Star - Dennis Wainwright
forces the players to follow their throw

8-Ball - Coach B
runs through all aspects of the throwing technique

Throwing Hit one and Cover - Renee Richardson
helps get the infielders set and used to making good throws

Throwing Lengthen - Kurt Murdock
strengthens the players arms to lengthen out all throws made

Throwing Machine Gun Throwing - Rod Schwarz
excellent drill for developing quick hands and quick feet

Throwing One Knee - Jamie Roberts
develops the player's arm and shoulder strength for throwing

Throwing Relay Race - Dennis Wainwright
practices turning on the glove hand as players turn to throw

Throwing Throw and Go - Ed Smallwood
teaches young players to follow their throws in the right direction

Defensive Situations Tips & Drills

Defensive Situations
Hitting and Defensive Rounds - Coach Colbert
drill that works your hitters, baserunners, and defensive players in a game-like situation

Defensive Situations
Tandem Cuts - CoachB
Infield cuts from outfield to minimize error...

Defensive Situations First and Third Rundown - Brett Burton
play that can catch the runner at first in a rundown when there are runners on first and third

Defensive Situations Runners on first and third - Coach B
play that prevents a third base runner from scoring

Offensive Situations Tips & Drills 

Offensive Situations
Multi-Phase - Jamie Roberts
drill to practice plays in different offensive situations

Offensive Situations
1st & 3rd Play - CoachB
Getting an easy stolen base

Offensive Situations Suicide Squeeze - Coach B
make the defense execute and pick up some points in a close game

Offensive Situations Confessions of a Third Base Coach - Ken Gamble
A guidebook for coaching 3rd base

Infield Tips & Drills

Backpeddle - Jim Bonfiglio
ground ball fielding drill that aids in conditioning

Beginning of the Season - Damian Judy
drill to judge which players are outfielders and which are infielders

Infield Bucket - Chris Morin
teaches quick release, fielding and throwing accuracy to first base

Infield Catch...NOT Fetch - Ron Dronkers
drill for improving the quality of warm-up throws

Infield Charging - Jamie Roberts
improves the player's ability to charge a softly hit ground ball

Infield Countdown - Kevin Nickelson
fun drill to help 1st and 2nd graders develop good hands, quick release, and hustle to a loose ball

Infield Double Play - David Blattenberger
allows the coach to see fielding and throwing skills

Infield Fence - Unknown
quickens reaction time to grounders and line drives using lateral movement

Infield Field Throw and Run - Niklas Grundstrom
helps with getting into a proper fielding position, lateral movement, throwing, and running

Infield Fungo - Jamie Roberts
provides players with an opportunity to field a large number of ground balls

Infield Get it Out! - Coach Colbert
helps ensure proper extension when fielding ground balls

Infield Hat in Mouth - CoachB
Forces to push hands to field ball

Infield Hoover - Blake H Lyons
gets players to feel like a vacuum and suck up all ground balls.

Infield Is it Ball #1 or Ball #2? - Gary Craft
Use numbered balls to teach kids to keep their eyes on the ball

Infield Lateral Movement - Jamie Roberts
improves the player's ability to react and move laterally in fielding a ground ball

Infield Lateral Pick-up - Jamie Roberts
improves the player's ability to assume a good defensive position in fielding a ground ball

Infield Lateral Pick-up with mimic - James Laudate
gets fielders involved and enables the coach to watch the fielding fundamentals of the players

Infield Over The Shoulder Catch - Jamie Roberts
improves the player's ability to catch a fly ball over the shoulder

Infield Paddle - Tom R Collins
simulates the underhand and overhand flips used by 2nd basemen and shortstops

Infield Partner Short Hop / Long Hop - Coach B
work on reading short vs. long hops

Infield Perfection Game - Joey Hector
makes infielding fun and competitive and puts the players in pressure situations

Infield Relay Speed Drill - Greg Waldorf, LaSalle-Peru Tws.H.S.
Teach and practice catching and turning to glove side when relaying throws

Infield Soft Hands - Coach B
Emphasizes the use of the top hand to ensure the ball doesn't become loose

Infield Soft hands - Quick release - Niklas Grundstrom

Split Infield - Thomas Uretsky
grounder fielding and throwing drill for 8-adult

Infield Three Bag - Coach Colbert
gives your infielders to maximum reps on ground balls and throwing to first in a short time

Infield Two Hands When You Can - David Combs
Teach youngsters to field with two hands

Infield Point - Troy P Garland
game that teaches the importance of backing up one another when fielding a ground ball

Infield The Pit - Troy P Garland
individual competition that gives players practice fielding ground balls

Infield 2 Triangle Method - CoachB
Body formation for fielding groundball

Infield Hands staying together - CoachB
Keeping hands together until right before throw.

Infield Catching - Coach Don
tips for developing the proper technique for catching any ball

Infield Don't Dance - Jeff Smith
tip for fielders to improve their chances of tagging a baserunner

Infield Glove Work for Fielding Ground Ball - CoachB
Proper glove work for fielding a ground ball

Infield Groundball Approach - CoachB
Formation for fielding groundballs

Infield Making an Infielder - Coach B
the proper way for an infielder to field balls

Infield Rundowns: Slam Dunks of Offensive Baseball - Brian Priebe
article outlining strategies that make rundowns

Infield The Crucial First Base Play - Coach B
Make sure that the 1B can get to the bag without having to run and catch at the same time

Infield The Double Play Throw - Coach B
Technique for speeding up the throw that leads to a double play

Pitching Clinic  
In this clinic you'll be guided through both mental preparation and actual techniques of pitching.

Mental Imaging of Pitching
Coach B guides you through the art of mental imaging to improve your skills with thought.

Four Step Approach to Pitching
Coach B breaks down the windup into 4 steps that can be worked on with mental imaging.

The Pitches
The ChangeupThe Changeup
The SliderThe Slider

Hitting Tips & Drills

4 Corners - Coach B
practice for drag, squeeze, and sacrifice bunts

Badminton - Paul Faubert
fine tune weak areas of a player's swing by using a smaller

Hitting Bat Speed - Denny McCrotty
increases a player's bat speed

Hitting Broomstick - Coach Beckler
increases concentration on point of contact

Hitting Bunting Technique - Jamie Roberts
improves a player's bunting technique

Hitting Colored Ball - Mike Cole
improves reaction time and critical thinking at the plate

Hitting Hip Turner - Jamie Roberts
Develops quicker hips and the relationship of hip speed to the entire swing

Hitting HIT OR DIE!! - Marshall Erickson
helps the hitter to stay back and wait in order to hit the outside pitch

Hitting Hitting to All Fields - Dave Marshall
helps younger players learn to hit inside and outside pitches

Hitting Hitting to the Opposite Field - Greg Dennis
makes the hitter stay behind the ball and hit to their opposite side

Hitting Hula Hoop Bunting - Coach Rick, Mesquite Skeeters
Incorporate learning with fun and competition

Hitting Lead and Follow Hand Swings - Jamie Roberts
allows a hitter to establish proper timing and power for proper ball contact

Hitting Low Outside Tee - Niklas Grundstrom
makes players aware of the clubhead's position and the importance of keeping their eyes on the ball

Hitting One Handed Bunting - Karlos Patterson
improves grip and bat angle when bunting

Hitting Pitch Behind - Randy Wert
prevents timid hitters from backing out to avoid being hit by a pitch

Hitting Roll Away - Fence - Joel Stedford
helps players overcome fear of the ball by teaching them how to roll away from a pitch

Hitting Shortscreen - Jim Pliner
forces the hitter to think about the hitting situation by using a count

Hitting Stay Back - Jerry Berkson
teaches the players to

Hitting T-Drill - Coach Don
helps hitters to gain a level-compact smooth swing

Hitting Two-ball soft toss count drill - Coach Nick Dixon
Another drill to improve a hitter's vision

Hitting Separation - CoachB
Creating a short swing without separation

Hitting Hitting Improvement - Peter DiGaudio
situations, tips and drills to improve hitting and awareness at the plate

Hitting PRO CUT - Marshall Erickson
device that adds weight to the handle of the bat, improving hitting technique

Hitting Soft Toss Drills - Chad Chenevert
series of drills to improve bat speed, motor skills, awareness, concentration and power

Hitting Teaching Hitters - Coach B
a collection of drills and tips run at 3 stations for improving hitting techniques

Hitting Baseball Swing vs. Golf Swing - Kevin Johnston
Will golf affect the baseball swing?

Hitting Better Vision at the Plate - Greg Dennis
encouraging an "open" stance improves vision of the pitch

Hitting Bunting for Hits - Wayne Mazzoni
Tips for the base hit bunt

Hitting Correcting Step Out - Mike Welborn
tip to correct a player's stepping away from a pitch during a swing

Hitting Fences - David Meacher
gets a player to bring his hands first when hitting, improving bat speed and power

Hitting Hanging Wiffle Ball - Chris Frederick
use a hanging ball as an alternative to the tee to improve hitting skill and coordination

Hitting Shorter Stroke - Greg Dennis
tips for decreasing the length of the batter's stroke

Hitting Using Wood Bats - Jon Doyle
How wood bats can make you a better hitter

Hitting Youth Hitting Technique - Larry Goodwin
Stepping out or away from flight of ball

Catching Tips & Drills

Catcher Fielding Bunt - Mark McCarty
gives catchers practice fielding bunts

Catchers Dropped 3rd Strike - Mark McCarty
virtually eliminates a catcher panicking on a dropped 3rd strike

Catching Flinch - Doug Brown
catcher's drill for teaching concentration, agility and reactivity

Catching Foul Ball - Coach Don
improves a catcher's ability to react quickly to pop-ups

Catching Glove to the Ball - Knees to the Glove - Karlos Patterson
helps catchers to block and throw effectively

Catching Three ball drill – Pivots on throwing to second base - Tom Dufour, Catching Coach

Catcher - Umpire Relationship - Tom Dufour, Catching Coach
Tips for helping catchers understaind their relationship with the umpire

Catching Catcher Blocking - Jason Vittone
series of drills to improve a catcher's blocking skill

Catching Catcher Framing - Jason Vittone
series of drills to help catchers to properly frame strikes and borderline pitches

Catching Catcher Signs - Jason Vittone
drills and instruction for improving a catcher's signs

Catching Fielding Bunts - Jason Vittone
drills to give catchers practice fielding bunts

Catching Throwing Footwork - Jason Vittone
series of drills to improve a catcher's throwing footwork

Catching Catcher to Second Base - David Meacher
tip for catchers to get a quick throw to second base

Catching Catching Pitchers - Coach Don
tips for choosing and training effective catchers

Outfield Tips & Drills

Baseball Outfield Drill - Tim

Incoming Line Drives - Coach B
Practices the always tough line drive hit right at you

Outfield Monkey in the Middle - Brandon Ball
Teach your outfielders to throw through the cutoff man

Outfield OH-MAN! - Ralph Lunsford
Outfield Drill

Outfield Play 500 - Dan Fager
fun competitive drill for outfielders that combines many fielding skills

Outfield Stride Drill - CoachB
Drill to help outfielder catch balls at full sprint

Outfield Tag-Up Throw Drill - Coach Vilela
teaches the outfielder the proper step forward as he catches the ball to set up for the throw

Outfield The Bounce - Coach Vilela
develops the outfielders ablitiy to throw low and put the correct backspin on the ball

Outfield The Rebound - Coach Vilela
helps outfielders with fielding a ball that hit the fence then turning and throwing 100-125 feet

Outfield Attack the Ball... - Tim

Outfielder's Stay Loose - Jack
tips for outfielders to stay loose while waiting and avoid injury

Pregame Rituals Tips & Drills

Pregame Rituals
Infield with Two Fungos - Josh Donelson
time effective and skill intensive warmup ritual involving 14 players

Pregame Rituals
Intrasqaud Games Special Situations - Jamie Roberts
practice specific game situations and improve concentration during these situations

Pregame Rituals Long-Toss - Coach B
basic fundamentals on throwing at increased distances

Pregame Rituals Opportunities - Fred Kamprad
gives the players many opportunities to excecute plays

Pregame Rituals Taking Infield - Coach B
Ritual for taking infield with two fungos at once and outfield with one fungo

Umpires Tips & Drills 

Sign Up For Little League Umpire Registry - The Active Network, Inc.
Valuable information network offers big benefits

The eteamz Umpire Helper - The Active Network, Inc.
Tips, rules and more...

Baseball Rules Sections
Rules FAQ
Answers to some of the most frequently asked questions about Baseball Rules. A good place to start.
Rule Myths
A list of the top 40 most misinterpreted Baseball rules and their explanations.
Umpire's Helper
Need a quick lesson in becoming a good umpire? The Umpire's helper is a reference that will guide you through the rules that need to be applied to situations that occur in almost every game.
Rules Library
Have more question about baseball rules? Browse the eteamz Baseball Rules Library and get answers.
Basic Rules
An explanation of the basic rules of baseball.
Baseball Boards
Try posting your question on our baseball discussion boards and get feedback from users across the globe.

Art of Catching  
Welcome to The Art of Catching by Jason Vittone, the Head Baseball Coach of Brescia University. Jason has put together this clinic to give catchers of all ages a place to hone their skills.

The Art Of Catching
One of the most important positions on the baseball field is the catcher. A catcher needs to be the team leader. The role of a catcher is to be able to anticipate all situations before they occur and react appropriately. Catching is a very cerebral position. All beginning catchers should be made aware of the responsibilities that go along with the position. The final piece of a championship puzzle could depend on how solid the team is behind the plate.

The objective of this clinic is to take a beginning or experienced catcher through all the steps necessary in becoming a proficient, well rounded catcher. This step-by-step approach will leave no stone unturned. It is my hope that this will provide a complete teaching base for catchers of all ages.

The Role of a Catcher
Giving Signs - Drills
Setting Up for Pitches
Framing - Drills
Blocking - Drills
Throwing Footwork - Drills
Fielding Bunts - Drills
Plays at the Plate

Coaching Tee Ball  
Welcome to Rob Doss's Coaching Tee Ball Clinic. If you're a parent who's coaching Tee Ball for the first time, Rob has some great tips and answers to keep you from going insane!

Tee Ball Faq
Q: Although my son's still tee ball age, I think he's ready to step up an age group and play machine pitch ball with the older kids.
What do you think?

Q: I'm having a lot of problems getting my players to pay attention to me.

Q: I need to learn some fun drills for my players to get them interested in the game.
Can you help?

Q: I've had a problem with a parent all season long who think his child should be a starter. I'm giving it my best shot and only have so much room on the field for starting players.
What do you suggest?

Q: We have an umpiring crew that seems to forget its responsibilities. Quite often, they'll call a play in favor of the team that's behind or for the player who never makes a play but finally nearly makes one (but not quite).
What do you do?

Tee Ball Tips
Tips for Tee Ball Coaches
More Tips for Tee Ball Coaches

About Rob Doss
Rob managed and coached a tee ball team for three years in one of the premier tee ball programs in the country with the Youth Association of Northeast Pensacola (NEP) in Pensacola, Florida, capping his tenure as a coach of the Tee Ball Baseball World Series Champions. (The team also won the tournament Sportsmanship Award that year.) He has also coached in the 9-10 year old age group, is the past-NEP President, and served as the Florida Dizzy Dean Vice President.

His book, "How To Coach Tee Ball Without Going INSANE" has been a popular internet selection since 1997 and can be found on the
Bullhorn Media Group web site and on the web site.

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