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The Hurricane Baseball Batting Machine endorsed by MLB MVP, Derek Jeter, makes home backyard baseball batting practice fun, productive, and 100% energy efficient. The Hurricane Baseball Hitting Machine, As Seen on TV, has speed and height adjustments for all ages and ability levels.



"The Most Fun Learning to Hit Can Be!"

Our Hurricane Machine Product Prices are:
CAT4 Hurricane Machine.....................$169.95  FREE SHIPPING
Replacement Ball Unit...........................$44.95 + S&H
Replacement Powerbands...................$14.95 + S&H

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The Hurricane is the very lastest breakthrough in baseball training machines. There is absolutely no better investment that you can make in a player's future hitting success!

Hurricane Baseball Machine
Derek Jeter Endorsed

If you are looking for the "Edge" to give your player or team a "definite advantage" over the competition, you can stop looking! You have found it, the Derek Jeter Hurricane Baseball Hitting Machine by ProPerformance Sports! 100% Guaranteed to improve skill, batspeed, hitting confidence!
It will definitely help get more basehits, hit more linedrives, score more runs and win more games! Infact we back this machine with one of the best product guarantees in the sporting goods industry.
We back the Derek Jeter Hurricane Baseball Hitting Machine with a 100% MONEY-BACK GUARANTEE! If you have questions, we can help! We will gladly answer an questions that you may have. We want you to buy the perfect machine for your needs! Call 1-877-431-4487 now!

"The Hurricane Training Machine's ball rotates at a high speed to give the batter practice hitting a moving ball. When the ball is hit, the ball rotates forward, slows down, and comes back to the batter for the next swing. The batter hits ball after ball without having to chase or gather balls. The machine can be used indoors or outdoors."



Order now and take your player's batting performance to the next level!
You will be always be glad you did and your player will always thankful that you made the right decision. Soon your player will be experiencing the great hitting success that he or she deserves.