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Issue: Feb. 2002
BASEBALL 2DAY Coaching Journal
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Get your season off to a fantastic start with tips and drills from a baseball expert.
Coach Nick's Newsletter For Baseball Coaches, Players, Parents, and Directors February 2002

in this issue

"Fake Steal" - It's The REAL DEAL!!!

Trickplay - Take your 1st base lead in rightfield! - No Kidding!

Hit2win Baseball - A Skill Building "Drill and Game" For All Ages

Correction Of Hitting Flaws - Have You Got A Bat Speed Problem?? - One of Your players suffering from the "Slow Bat" Syndrome?

New Website Links - Check Out These Great Sites!!!

"Coach Nick in a business meeting with a trio of his hitters."

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BatAction Hitting Machine
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A Message From Coach Nick, Our Editor!
Welcome to this month's issue. I will soon be changing the name of this newsletter to Coach Nick's "Baseball Monthly". We now have over 13,500 subscribers. I encourage to take advantage of our monthly specials and to enter our monthly contest. See the link in the bottom left corner of this page. Good luck For a Great Season! Happy Hitting, "Coach Nick" _______________________________________________ Attention Youth Coaches See Drafting Tips and prospect rating scale at this months newsletter link. Simply use any of the links provided below.

  • "Fake Steal" - It's The REAL DEAL!!!
  • "Fake Steals" are one of the most valuable offensive strategies that a team can use in today's game. The proper use of Fake Steals allows your team to steal on the Firstbaseman, rather than on the pitcher or the catcher.

    For more information on Fake Steals...please click this newsletter link.

  • Trickplay - Take your 1st base lead in rightfield! - No Kidding!
  • In 1999 I started using a "safe and but tricky" way to get even my slowest runner to secondbase. The play is ran with bases loaded or runners at 1st and 3rd. It involves the firstbase runner taking an "Outfield lead at 1st". The play is extremely effective even in the high school and college ranks. Do not confuse it with other "cat and mouse" plays. AND YES IT IS LEGAL!

    For more information...please click this newsletter link.

  • Hit2win Baseball - A Skill Building "Drill and Game" For All Ages
  • Hit2win Baseball, is a simple hitting game that is played with three players on a team. The game involves hitting and defensive skill buidling. The players hit "poly wiffle balls" with their metal bats. It is a great indoor and "change of pace" activity that makes every practice end on a "high note".

    For more information on this great drill...please click this newsletter link.

  • Correction Of Hitting Flaws - Have You Got A Bat Speed Problem?? - One of Your players suffering from the "Slow Bat" Syndrome?
  • You have heard it said many times, "you have got to shorten your swing because it is too long" or "you have got to improve your bat speed". What causes this deficiency in bat speed? What are the ailments? What are the cures?

    Read Coach Nick's comments and here!

  • New Website Links - Check Out These Great Sites!!!
  • Everybody knows Nedco Sports makes great training products. But did you know that they also provide their baseball and softball customers with over a dozen free websites to help them improve and enjoy their game.................Here are several of those great sites: BASEBALL TODAY Baseball Coaching Journal ......... . SOFTBALL 2DAY Softball Coaching Journal Pro Baseball Links ................ College Baseball Polls and Rankings .................
    Defensive Coaching Tip - Buy Your "Good Glove and Softer Hands"Trainer At The Toy Store...
    You can buy a very inexpensive yet very useful defensive trainer at most toy stores and mass merchants. Go to the store's toy section. Look for those "catch-it" toys that consist of two "dish shaped catchers" with hand-straps. They have vecro on the concave side and are used to catch a tennis ball. This game sells for under $10 and it makes two great trainers. Have your infielders take "soft" ground balls wearing this device. It will help them develop "softer hands" and will really improve their glove skills. It teaches them not to reach and to always use two hands. It also teaches them very rapidly to move their feet and "front the ball".

    Visit BASEBALL TODAY Baseball Coaching here.

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