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Youth BatAction Inventory

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The "BatAction Youth" unit is a portable unit that quickly disassembles for transport or storage. The unit has three legs. It has a height adjustment range from 22" to 32". The manufacturer's suggested retail price is $159.95.

Portable Bataction Machine Youth Model
Portable Bataction Machine Youth Inventory

1 YOUTH BatAction Support Column
3 Legs
1 Rotational Axle
1 Machine Top Component
1 48" Ball "Impact Head"
1 Metal Insert Plate
6 Adjustment Knobs
1 Height Adjustment Collar
1 Safety Insert Pin
1 "Tube" Powerbands
1 BatAction YOUTH Owners Manual
3 Deluxe Groundpins (For outside use)
2 Deluxe Sandbags (For Inside Use)