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Sweet Spot - Pujols Series
Power Training Bat - 31" Model

---Center In On the Barrel.
---There’s no better way to increase
your batting power than hitting consistently
on the “sweet spot.”
---The Sweet Spot bat trains you to hit
on the proper part of the barrel for
easy power and going deep.
---Heavy-duty construction
(2 5/8”all-bamboo barrel and
handle with reinforced fiberglass rod)
---Strong enough for live pitching,
great with swing trainers.
---Instant feedback and “sting” if hit
too far off center.
---Improves batters’ ability to hit on
the sweet spot for power and distance
Multiple sizes to simulate regulation
baseball bat lengths (31”, 33”)
This model is 31"
Shipping Cost - $10.00
(Continental USA 48 States)
Sweet Spot - PowerTraining Bat - 31" Model PPSSSTB31pad$69.99pad

Sweet Spot - Pujols Series PowerTraining Bat - 33" ModelSweet Spot - Pujols Series PowerTraining Bat - 33" Modelpad
Sweet Spot - Pujols Series PowerTraining Bat - 33" Model PPSSS-TB33pad$69.99pad


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200 Elizabeth Street Ste. 468
Boaz, AL 35957 1-877-431-4487