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Baseball Skills Development Improve Your Swing
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Baseball Skills Development – Improve Your Swing

What do you think the best hitting training aid is? Do you think it is the funny but cheap looking plastic animals coach’s throw to players. You’ve seen it, they take a plastic horse throw it a a kid and tell them “if you can hit a horse you can hit a baseball”. At the other end of the cost spectrum do you think it is a bat swing speed meter that tells you how fast or slow you really do swing the bat? The truth is you need something a bit more suited for the job than a plastic horse. But it need not be a very expensive investment. In fact you may be surprised at my first pick on baseball swing development.

In my eyes one of the best hitting aids is still the old style-batting tee. Yes, the same one you used when you were 4 years old in T-ball. It’s simple, easy to use alone, and develops the proper swing mechanics to make you a great hitter. The batting tee is inexpensive and should be used by all levels of play. I got one more question for you. What hitting aid is in every major league clubhouse? That’s right it’s the batting tee.

After you hit a few rounds on your batting tee another great training aid is the SwiftStick. It is a plastic stick with a rubber handle that you hit golf sized wiffle balls with. This single handedly increases your hand-eye coordination with every swing you take and every step you take. (Sorry that it sounds like a song from the Police.)

Anyhow imagine how these 2 simple products can increase your skills and take your game to the next level. Even if you only practice with these items once a week for thirty minutes, you will improve your focus and swing mechanics. It’s more important to practice consistently throughout the week than to try to squeeze in hours of practice only once a week.

So you can spend thousands of dollars on a batting cage and pitching machine or spend under $60 on these two great hitting aids. This combination of swiftstick (small bat small ball focus technique) and batting tee (proper swing mechanics) is a sure fire way to improve your swing and batting average and won’t break your budget.

About the Author: At we specialize in a wide array of baseball and softball gear. We have been serving the Omaha, NE community with our retail store for over 5 years. Check out our Swiftstick training bat with video for batting practice or you may be interested in a baseball bat or an All Star catcher's equipment bag.

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