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Stop - Don't Use Steroids For Body Building!

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Stop - Don't Use Steroids For Body Building!

By Gerry Marsh

In any sport, or in any business for that matter, there are people who have a healthy competitive drive to be the best. This is good. Healthy competition keeps society as whole advancing into new frontiers. Unfortunately, there are also those people who want to win at any cost. Those are the types that use steroids for body building.

It is a fact that using steroids for body building can create massive muscles in a shorter period of time. This has been proven over and over again. Synthetic hormones do make muscle tissue grow quickly. In the overall process though steroid use for body building can do much more harm than good. And the harm they cause is not just to your physical body.

The simple truth is that steroids, although the will build muscle mass, will harm your body more than it will help it. What will steroids do to you? Consider the following: Steroids will bring you problems that you never wanted to have, such as... ==> Steroids will make you more aggressive ==> Steroids lower sperm count and lessen your possibility of having a child ==> Steroids will eventually cause you to become sterile

You really have to stop and ask yourself if these risks of doing your body harm are something you want to take on. Especially considering that there are way more bad things that can happen from using steroids for bodybuilding than any good that you could ever receive from them.

Yes, they will help you build your body to new proportions, but what is the ultimate cost? Women don't escape the negative effects either. If you are female and one of your life goals is to walk, talk, and look like a man, then using steroids for body building is for you. The negatives of using steroids definitely outweigh any short term advantages.

In my minds' eye, I always picture "building" as constructing something that lasts. Something strong, something enduring. I do not see temporary structures as "building". Steroids, on the other hand not only cause serious health concerns as mentioned, but are actually counter-productive and make the anabolic environment less favorable to serious muscle building. When your muscles get used to a dose of synthetic hormones, they keep expecting it and need it in larger doses all of the time. These long term negative effects of steroid use far outweigh any short term muscle gain you may experience.

Look at the careers of some of our top athletes that took a dive because of steroid use. Is this the legacy you want to leave? Is this the type of role model you want to pick for your children, assuming you can have children? Do you want to hide your face in shame, or stand proud and tall in the gym or on the podium knowing that you did it on your own, the right way? The best and proven method of serious massive muscle building involves using natures help - not the help of a chemist.

Focus on your diet to give you the nutrients you need to make well-toned muscles and concentrate on proper workout routines to build muscle. You will be way better off in the long run. Forget about using steroids for body building. Intense training, power lifting and squats can flood your muscles with testosterone naturally. You really don't need anything more, do you?

Gerry Marsh is a successful author and publisher of several websites including
Muscle-Building-Reviews which covers programs that do not advocate steroids for bodybuilding.

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